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STORY Hospitality is part of Abu Dhabi Capital Group LLC, a private investment company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We are also an Abu Dhabi, UAE based hotel management platform, currently managing 5 properties under recently launched brands STORY Hotels & Resorts.

The company has presence in Dubai, Seychelles, Podgorica and Rabat and a strong pipeline to develop new projects, both urban and vacational, for the upcoming years.

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STORY HOTELS & RESORTS is here to inspire your STORY, to enable you to create a magical NARRATIVE on your own, one you'll remember forever!

STORY is a sophisticated and provocative selection of “modern moments” curated to enable guests to experience a destination through a new lens. Idiosyncratic? Proudly so. But born out of a true sense of purpose. Today we want transformative experiences: those experiences that change the way we think and feel and understand our world. Which is why STORY weaves art and design, cutting-edge cuisine, and local culture to create a new-style narrative that is ours and ours alone.

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STORY Rabat is an authentic journey through the Universe of Aestheticism.

Located in the Embassy District of Rabat, and surrounded by the most renown villas and golf course in Rabat, the hotel has been chosen as “Best Luxury Boutique Hotel” in Morocco for the year 2020 by The Luxury Lifestyle Awards, STORY Rabat, invites you to enter a world where the influence of Zyriab’s philosophy is present in every space within the hotel, artfully mixing contemporary Moroccan architecture with an Andalusian touch.

Saluted internationally for its concept of spectacular designs, this boutique hotel is a peaceful experience of unparalleled luxury in Morocco only for those genuine discrete travelers.

Renowned for its tailor-made style of services, its well-thought interiors and its accommodation spaces, STORY Rabat, offers a selection of rooms equally as beautiful as the others. Home to 27 rooms & 10 suites, our new range of rooms, will seduce you in their sophistication and hints of tradition. For a sanctuary of peace and absolute discretion, our Emiri Villa offers opulent, large and comfy interiors, from where you can enjoy all of the aestheticism and beauty of our hotel in the most intimate and discreet setting.

The garden was imagined for glorious celebrations, lulled by the mumur of the water flowing through the Seguya gushing into a beautiful fountain, storks flying over you to landing in their nearby nests and birdsongs emphasizes the beauty and the peacefulness of the relaxing gardens.

An amazing 25 meters radiant turquoise pool that seem to compete with the beauty of the sky, a Spa & Hammam: an authentic oasis of calm and serenity and a modern and fully equipped Fitness for those who wish to boost their inner power and physique completes the array of facilities that are at your disposal during your stay.

For those tasteful gourmet, our restaurant, Le Safran is an elegant and refined experience to enjoy. Overlooking our beautiful gardens, the restaurant offers a Mediterranean cuisine influenced by Moroccan tradition. Our Chef, Youssef Zeroual selected as Chef of the Year 2021 by the World Organisation of Gastronomy will embark you on an unforgettable culinary and artful journey with the magic selection of superb ingredients and exquisite flavors.

For a moment of relaxation or socialization, STORY Rabat introduces you to an intimate and pleasant space, Le Bar, where you can enjoy cocktails and delicatessen served in a Moroccan style, reminding the sumptuous design of our lounge called “The Majliss”.

For all your appointments or professional events, three spaces are at your disposal:

Zyriab: a prestigious meeting room with presidential table where luxury is at its finest and in every details of its 54sqm surface. Completed with high-technology devices, this space is brightly lit by a natural sunlight and offers a private adjacent terrace overseeing our gardens.

The Library: our private and elegant lounge is overseeing our gardens as well. Adjoining to a study and a private terrace, this space is ideal for discreet meetings, private lunches and multifunction events.

Al Andalus: new addition to our hotel in 2020, this prestigious area of 200 sqft with a private entrance offers the perfect settings for your business seminars or your intimate receptions. Along with its private entry and a perfect prelude for all gatherings, STORY offers a reception with a dressing room as well as a private terrace for those who wish for an “al fresco” break. Always in Zyriab’s spirits, Al Andalus is also a modular space that can separate in two distinctive spaces of 926 sqft, thus opening the field to multiple possibilities of tailor-made creation.

STORY Rabat previously called Villa Diyafa, was created in 2014. The architects are international player in interior architecture, Studio MHNA gives birth in its enthusiastic and infinite production, both very confidential projects as fantastic jewels of the global hotel industry, gastronomy, well-being, travel,… innovative projects that have created its reputation and success. Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet, with their team, cultivate a precise idea of elegance and a certain French style. Since its creation this parisian interior architecture and decoration firm has been designing, imagining and scripting projects with personal and creative atmospheres. Sophistication and luxury are displayed in each of the projects.

The theme of Villa Diyafa/ STORY Rabat project was to pay tribute to one of the main figures in the history of Arab-Andalusian music from the 9th century, ZYRIAB, precursor of fashion, gastronomy, poetry and astronomy. The places are the reflection of this esthete who dedicated his existence to the art of living in all its forms. The architectural bias brings together Moroccan and Western traditions.

Eveything is tailor-made by Studio MHNA.

A genius musician, scholar, composer and poet, he was one of the main founders of Arab-Andalusian music in the 9th century. Known for having introduced the lute to Andalusia, it is also famous for its refinement.

Abu Al-Hassan Ali Ibn Nâfi, known as “Zyriab” (“the black bird”, related to his dark complexion), was born in the Kurdish village of Mosul, Iraq, in 789. He is the only son of a rather poor family. In Baghdad, where his father settled, he studied science, literature, geography and astronomy, and proved to be a brilliant student.

At 12, Zyriab already dazzles with his singing and playing on the lute. At 19, he made an oud from this instrument, which came from Persia, by adding a fifth string. The notoriety of the young man reached the caliph ¬Haroun ¬al-Rachid, who summoned him to court. Seduced by his golden voice and brilliant playing, the latter showered him with sumptuous gifts. The young musician leaves the Abbasid capital. He spent a few years at the court of the Aghlabids in Kairouan, Tunisia. After a brief stay in Morocco, he settled in Cordoba in 822, where the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Rahman II received him princely and treated him with the highest honors. Zyriab receives 200 gold coins per month, abundant in-kind donations, such as houses, gardens and fields worth a fortune. He married in luxury with a daughter of the royal family with whom he had three children. A much listened to advisor to the Caliph, Zyriab became a sort of Minister of Culture to him. He created a music school in Cordoba, the first conservatory in Europe, open to all and financed by the monarch’s cassette.

His taste for luxury and his charisma make him the master of elegance in the region. It is revolutionizing clothing fashions, good manners, cosmetics, hairdressing, gastronomy, the art of the table. Cordoba, then a great intellectual center of Europe, became the capital of good taste. When he died in 857, Zyriab left a legacy of a true Andalusian art of living, the refinement of which will shine in Europe and throughout the Mediterranean basin.

In the rooms and suites, paintings are presented with spools of colored vegetable silk threads or braided in Sabra. This is typical of Moroccan craftsmanship.

Sabra, also called vegetable silk, is a fabric that resembles silk in its shiny appearance and feel. It is extracted from the aloe-vera plant, very famous in cosmetology for its nourishing properties. This fiber has met with great success in the Moroccan craft industry for several years. It is a very shiny and silky thread and was initially used in ornamentation in traditional Moroccan clothing, and in trimmings.

In the Majlis, are displayed 4 paintings representing horses. These paintings are painted by the Romanian artist Vadim CRETU.

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La marque Story Hotels & Resorts, récemment lancée, inaugure Story Rabat après un projet de rénovation complète de l’ancienne Villa Diyafa Boutique Hotel & Spa, un hôtel de luxe à Rabat…


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Located in the Embassy District and surrounded by the most renown villas and golf course in Rabat, STORY Rabat, invites you to enter a world where the influence of Zyriab’s philosophy is present in every space within the hotel, artfully mixing contemporary Moroccan architecture with an Andalusian touch…


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On aimait déjà prendre un thé à la Villa Diyafa, mais le “Story Rabat”, c’est toute une autre histoire !


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STORY Rabat Hotel in Morocco’s capital city of Rabat is a story of luxury and refinement. To enter into this boutique hotel is to leave the noise, chatter and chaos of the outside world behind. What sets the hotel apart is the attention to detail and service quality from everyone who works at STORY. Within the hotel’s grounds is everything needed for a fantastic stay – either business or pleasure.


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L’Hôtel Story de Rabat, situé dans le quartier le plus luxueux de la capitale marocaine, le quartier des ambassades, a été nommé “Best Luxury Boutique Hotel” par The Luxury Lifestyle Awards de New York pour l’année 2020.